The Glass Nail file is made from glass. The body of the file is roughened, one side more than the other one (allowing rougher filing on one side and smoother filing on the other). While tested in extensive market research, it has become apparent that this is the best product the market can offer in this particular category. It has an even and smooth filing surface without protruding points. The quality of abrasive surface guarantees outstanding filing ability despite its relatively fine texture. Glass Nail File is hardened at the last phase of the production to increase mechanical firmness, which gives unlimited lifetime to the abrasive surface.


Glass Nail Files are perfect for treatment and shaping nails, both natural and artificial. It is recommended to dip the file in the water after the treatment of artificial nails. It is possible to use the file for removing hard skin around the nail and in the area of heels. The best way to do this is to soften the skin on your heels first by immersing it in warm water and removing the hardened skin with recommended tool first, then finish off with glass file on a dry skin (200/4 mm file is particularly recommended for this procedure).

The abrasive surface is applied to the primary glass corpus, so that it avoids further damage or falling of grinding grains. This happens when individual grains of abrasive material are fixed to the surface of paper or metal nail files. It is absolutely impossible that this would happen to the glass nail files, thus ensuring permanent filing function without loss of grinding ability.


Glass is ideal material to help you keep your nail file and your nails to maximum hygienic standards. No other nail files come close. Glass file is not porous like metallic or those made from paper and therefore any bacteria or germs keep away from the file. It does not corrode at poor conditions. It is easy to clean and disinfect with usual nail file cleaner, and they can also be sterilized; this is very important for professional use to avoid spread of infection mainly when treating customers in salons.


When using other types of files, especially metallic or those made from paper, nails tend to split, and even after gentle and regular care they remain brittle and peel. Regular use of glass nail file will prevent your nails from this happening.


Nail file is hardened at the last stage of the production and this increases its firmness by number of times. It ensures that the file does not crack or break whilst using it. (Even non-hardened glass withstands forces of filing during usual nail treatment). The file does not break when dropped onto common floor surfaces (carpet, linoleum etc.). If it falls onto the harder surface (ceramic, concrete, stone) it can break.

Thanks to the qualities of the material and hardening process, the lifetime of the nail file is practically unlimited.


The hard body of the file and precise and caring workmanship guarantees total safety of the use. A file damaged in any way must be thrown away so that any injury will be avoided.


To keep the Glass Nail File clean, all that is needed is to rinse it under running cold water after use. To clean dirtier files use soft brush and detergent (dettol or savlon). Avoid harsh chemicals to clean the files as this might lead to discoloring and or loss of effectiveness of the filing surface. To clean very dirty files (nail enamel, crème...) any organic diluents and dissolvent can be used according to basic safety instructions.


The abrasive surface is provided with permanent guarantee. However, it does not cover defects to the file caused by wrong use or due to poor maintenance conditions.

Design & Shape

Glass Nail Files of length 90 mm, also called handbag file are extremely compact to pop into ladies handbags and be ready for use whenever needed. The only thickness of the glass for this model is 2 mm.

Glass Nail Files of length 140 mm are also usually made from the glass 2 mm thick. It is recommended mainly for home use.

Glass Nail Files come either clear, monochromatic, or in a combination of two selected colours. We also offer nail files hand-painted and decorated with Swarovski crystals. Handle of a clear nail file can be decorated with company�s name, logo or person�s initials. These motives could be printed or sand-blasted.

The Glass Nail File has been invented and made in accordance with the general safety instructions regarding the nail file products.

Please be aware of cheap imitations